• What is the difference betweent a talk and a case?
A: The major difference is, that in a talk you have a conversation with another person, whereby in cases, many people can work at the same
time on the same case using subtasks.
• Can I delete a case or a talk?
A: No, once created it is not possible to delete them anymore. But you can cancel them and they are marked as cancelled in the system.
• What is a subtask?
A: A subtask is a delegated work-item and part of a case. A case can have many subtasks and subtasks may have other subtasks.
• Why it is not possible to delete members?
A: Members can be deactived but not deleted. This secures the traceability of the case processing as well as of the conversations.
• How does the counting of members works within my Account?
A: Only members which have enabled the active flag are counted as active members.
• How long is a case or a talk valid?
A: Both are valid as long as they will be closed or cancelled by the user.
• What happens if my upgrade expires and I still have open cases or talks?
A: Open talks and cases can be edited until they are closed or canceled. When a upgrade expires, no new cases can be opened anymore
and the count of active users will be reverted back to the number of members in the basic edition, means, set back to 10 members.
• What happens to the closed talks and cases?
A: Closed talks and cases will be delivered back to you, when you're the owner, together with all the related documents in .zip file.
• What happens if someone invites me into his network, but I already have an active account?
A: You can have your own account and at the same time be a member of other networks too. To avoid any confusion, you can easily switch
between the networks, using the menu item “my networks” and select the network you wanna switch to.