• Define what is included in a yearly maintenance program. Is the first year's maintenance included in the purchase price?
…This is available only for the Enterprise Edition and the answer is yes.
• Do you provide telephone support? If so, is it toll-free?
…Yes we do: Phone +0041 848 001 100
• What are the options for support hours (5x8 vs 5x12 vs 7x24) and what time zone(s) are these support hours available?
…Prerequisite for the support is the Enterprise Edition. The support is available 7x24 worldwide.
• Do you provide a support portal for customer self-service, status updates and monitoring?
…Yes, there is a dedicated platform available (private cloud) for our customers only.
• Do you provide on-site support?
…Yes, when required and only for the Enterprise Editions’ customers.
• How are new version/updates released?
…This is only relevant for the Enterprise Edition, because all other Editions in the cloud are always up-to-date. For our Enterprise Edition customers updates are provided in the format the customer requires.
• Describe upgrade services and the support from your company in migrating to newer versions of your platform in the future.
…This is only relevant for the Enterprise Edition. Migrating to new versions is provided thru our professional service team on-premises.