• Describe your companyís approach and/or services for supporting for initial or ongoing project scoping and business case development.
…BIMIXS is the tool at your hand for managing the evaluation process and developing the business case. Instead of providing only consulting, BIMIXS provides a business case calculator for free, including a questionnaire with common used questions and answers for evaluating a BPM tool.
• Describe your approach to the project, including the methodology to be used and the major deliverables to be produced.
…This is available only for the Enterprise Edition. For all other Editions, sign-up and read the quick-start guide who contains the proceeding for setting-up your BIMIXS account. For all of the Enterprise Editions we implemented in the past, we never spent more than 3 months to go live. This is the maximum time effort you will get offered by us; we do not accept more than 3 months to set-up our system. This is a major part of our success story and is based upon our different approach to define and implement business processes. The proceeding and delivery objects are available for Enterprise Editionís customers only. In the public cloud customers can start right now, using the quick start guidance.
• Describe the roles of the project team and provide a project organization chart.
…This is available only for the Enterprise Edition. For all other Editions you can use the online services available in BIMIXS as well as you can ask for webinars, where we can step into the details and advice you for the next steps. The webinars are available in English and German.
• Provide a tentative project schedule (work plan) including tasks, milestones, and time estimates for completion.
…This is available only for the Enterprise Edition and is depending on customerís requests and objectives, but it will not take more than 3 months.