• Does product support invocation of external programs to perform activities of a process?
…Yes it does.
• Does your solution offer integration with Microsoft Office 2007?
…BIMIXS support Microsoft Office 2007 document types like .doc(x), xls(x) and so on, but it is not integrate-able in, e.g. Microsoft Word, as an add-on.
• Does your solution leverage SharePoint library events to initiate or manage processes?
• Can your solution maintain synchronization of SharePoint stored documents referenced in in-process work?
…No because BIMIXS does not focus on sharing documents only, the concept is completely different. There are no stand-alone documents available in BIMIXS. The lowest work-item available are Cases or Talks and both of them can contain documents.
• Does your solution include an electronic forms capability? Please describe.
…Yes, complex forms including front-end rules like dependencies between fields, must fields, visibility (hidden, read-only, editable) or type dependencies like number, date, string and many more are included by default. The ease-of use and the way how to define forms is unique.
• Does your solution provide Web based WYSIWYG development environment for quickly developing web based forms?
…Yes and everything can be defined in Microsoft Excel, without any programming skills required by the users. BIMIXS provides a descriptive approach; say what you need, not how. In example users define they want to have a single-choice property and they donít need to worry about radio-boxes or drop-down controls. The Excel-file containing the definitions will be imported in BIMIXS and the formís definitions will be interpreted at run-time and displayed to the end-user. There is no programming required at all.
• Does your solution offer online forms "runtime" that allows participants to submit online applications, service requests, etc.?
…Yes this is integral part of the BIMIXS functionality.