• Describe your platform’s integration capabilities with Microsoft Sharepoint.
…BIMIXS is completely web-based and thus can be integrated in Sharepoint’s frames as an example given. Loosely coupling of the two systems is possible to xml-file or e-mail exchange. Because BIMIXS is built upon Microsoft’s technology, concerning web-server and database, the platform remains the same.
• Describe your product’s ability to capture real and simulated process metrics to use for analysis.
…This feature is available only in the Enterprise Edition. Because of the underlying state-transition model it is possible to capture data, based on events, for later analysis purposes for both, Cases and Talks. This data is made available in dedicated database for later usage with any 3rd party tool, which is able to access Microsoft’s SQL-Server database.
• Does your product support business event analysis from other systems (CRM, ERP, data warehouse, SOA, etc.) and how is this information both integrated and used in your simulation and optimization capabilities?
…Yes, but this feature is available only in the Enterprise Edition and requires that the other systems are capable to write their data in Microsoft’s SQL-Server database or integrate with BIMIS in a loosely coupled way (xml-data, e-mail) or strongly coupled using BIMIXS (web)services or API’s.
• Does your solution support business intelligence/online analytical processing (BI/OLAP) for event analysis? If so, please describe.
…Yes, but this features are available only in the Enterprise Edition and are always based on customer specific requirements. By default BIMIXS provides six-sigma statistical analysis based on people interactions in Case-work or Talks. Furthermore OLAP tools available in Microsoft’s SQL-Server can be used to implement customer specific analysis.
• Is full workflow simulation provided by the proposed software?
…Yes but only in the Enterprise Edition where the development tools are part of the shipment.
• Please describe real-time simulation capabilities in the design environment.
…In the design tool it is possible to walk-through a process step-by-step using the protocol-test wizard. The wizard guides the user through the process and displays possible next acts, based on the state of the workflow instance. This way, all of the acts available can be tested and the designer can walk through.