• Does your solution provide the ability to set KPIs and define work priorities and balance work between users?
…Yes but only in the Enterprise Edition.
• Does your solution offer sophisticated analytics and monitoring capabilities that provide insight to management, status and forecasting to line supervisors, and a baseline for analysts to model the impact of process improvements?
…Yes but only in the Enterprise Edition.
• Describe the out of the box reporting provided to users with your platform.
…The underlying reporting of BIMIXS are driven by Microsoft’ SQL-Server Reporting Services. Thus various possibilities are available for out of the box reports, but this is currently only available in the Enterprise Edition. In the Enterprise Editions’ shipment are many standardized reports included, which can be customized and/or extended upon user’s request.
• Describe the data visualization capabilities of your system and the types of reporting, graphs, and functionality provided.
…The underlying reporting of BIMIXS are driven by Microsoft’ SQL-Server Reporting Services which provided various types of reports and graphs. The basic rule of thumb is that what is available as report type in Microsoft Excel is available in BIMIS as well.
• Does your product provide a facility for managers to view process instance data and modify that data?
…Yes of course, this is standard functionality.
• Does your product allow a drill down facility from higher level view of business processes to low level details including tasks and employees?
…Yes, but because the lowest item of work is always a Case no drill-down is required. Everybody, even when working on a (sub-) task, does always see all the information at the case level – thus recognizing when somebody comments or new instructions arrive. People and organizational entities have assigned policies which are driving what type of cases they are allowed to see or not.
• Does your product support a security model at each drill down level?
…Yes this is integral part of the system. Furthermore the system allows that right and roles can be inherited not only from top-down, but from bottom-up as well as x-cross organizational entities.
• Does your product allow managers to change the business rules, and hence change the behavior of processes based on these rules?
…Yes when they have the appropriate role assigned. But such kind of change requires approval before the rules will be changed on-the-fly. This way change-management is still guaranteed. The approval is implemented in several ways and can be adjusted to the customer’ requirements.
• Does your product integrate with reporting and visualization tools such as Crystal Reports or other reporting tools?
…Yes, the underlying reporting services of BIMIXS are driven by Microsoft’ SQL-Server Reporting Services.