• Does your product provide a process execution engine? If so, please provide the name of the current product.
…BIMIXS uses the ActionWorks Metro Engine from Action Technologies Inc.
• Can external programs be delegated to perform a task of a process?
…Yes this can be done using a loosely- or strongly coupled approach, described earlier in this questionnaire.
• Are both synchronized and asynchronized invocations of sub-processes possible?
…This is part of the standard functionality of BIMIXS. But in BIMIXS we name it sub-tasks.
• Can processes be suspended or resumed?
…Yes of course, but in BIMIXS process instances are Cases.
• Can users initiate and/or interact with work or tasks from a Microsoft Outlook or Office application environment instead of your application? If so please describe the steps required to make this possible for users.
…Yes thru e-mails sent to BIMIXS it is possible to interact in such a scenario. This is a very simple and powerful approach, which will be continuously approved by us. BIMIXS users will have personal agents, which are able to understand what should be done and which are ‘trainable’ by end users. This is actually only available in the Enterprise Edition, but will be extended soon to all the other Editions.
• Can tasks be delegated to other users manually as well as automatically?
…This is standard functionality available in BIMIXS.
• Can notifications be sent to users who are assigned activities?
…Yes of course, every user can define by itself how and when notifications should be send by e-Mail
• Can processes instances be changed dynamically?
…Yes, changing the cases’ classification does the job, easy and very powerful.
• Does the process engine support versioning? If so, can more than one version of a process run at the same time?
…Yes of course, this is and should be standard functionality of every engine.
• Does process engine support workload-balancing of tasks assigned to different users? Can this be done automatically?
…Yes and it can be done automatically by defining corresponding rules. In example when the number of Cases in virtual offices is higher than x, then assign new arriving Cases to somebody else or another virtual office.
• Can execution of two or more processes be synchronized into a single process? In other words, are “rendezvous” processes supported?
…Yes this is standard functionality available.