• What level of coding or development is required for common tasks generally found in process maps?
…Being able to fill-out the provided Excel Sheet. There is no coding at all.
• Describe the configuration process and steps required to connect process models with underlying and related services.
…There is no need to connect any kind of models; the BIMIXS framework is a generic processing framework, which can be extended with rules, defined by the knowledge workers.
• Does your system provide the ability to embed exception handling processes into the workflow being defined?
…They are already part of the standard BIMIXS system.
• Does your product integrate with third party rules engines and which engines have you integrated with?
…No, because there is no single engine which is capable to manage people interaction as we do it. BIMIXS is based on the ActionWorks Metro Engine from Action Technologies Inc., which was by the way, the first BPM-Engine running in Web. But this is more than ten years ago.
• Does your platform provide pre-built capabilities to integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint and allow developers to deliver this without coding? Can these capabilities also be deployed to non-Sharepoint environments?
…Sharepoint focuses, as the name says, on sharing data and flow of data. BIMIXS provides shared electronic dossiers, Cases, containing business objects (data and behavior) and guided electronic conversations, Talks, which are based upon speech-act patterns. It does not really make sense from a BIMIXS point-of-view, to integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint. But of course, loosely-coupled integration could make sense. In example using xml-files or e-mails to trigger whatever services in Sharepoint and vice-versa could be a meaningful scenario.