• Do you offer a modeling environment that allows designers to develop the process and data models from a single interface?
…Yes and no; in the Enterprise Edition a complete modeling environment is included. But for BIMIXS we decided to forget about modeling. Modeling processes makes sense on a strategic level to get an overview. But on an implementation level it is just overkill. When you look for an address while walking thru a city, you will not use a landscape today; rather you have your navigation system at hand. When planning a trip over many different countries, you will not use the navigation system to plan but you will have a look to the map, atlas or any other guide. The end-user programming tool #1 today is Microsoft Excel. This is why BIMIXS, which is focusing on the implementation of business processes, gives the users the possibility to define their processes, which are Cases in BIMIXS, completely in Excel. It is fast, easy-to-learn and widely accepted. Don’t waste time in learning new notations or trying to model business situations, where you’re discussing about how to model rather than how to improve the business processing! Models at the implementation level are just not useful, business people want to have definitions.
• Does your modeling environment provide: activity auto-align, activity auto-connect, activity inserts, connection healing, process overview map, map tear-off, and process documentation?
…The modeler does provide all this, but again we do not support modeling in BIMIXS.
• Does your solution offer automatic submap creation where highlighted activities can be moved to a submap in a single click, and provide a prewired reference to the new sub-map?
…Yes, but it is not relevant for BIMIXS.
• Does your solution offer map preview tooltips such that hovering over a reference to a subroute within the process or map tab shows an image of the target map as a tooltip?
…Not applicable in BIMIXS.
• Does your solution offer the flexibility to incorporate multiple types of processes (straight-through, ad-hoc, case-based) as well as multiple types of “paper” (even “sticky notes”) for all participants in the process?
…Yes of course, thru the change of the case type.
• Can users create process hierarchy with processes and sub-processes?
…Yes but in BIMIXS we name it Cases and Meta Cases.
• How does your product integrate with third party business process modeling tools?
…Not at all, because we do not model on the implementation level. This is why we are much faster.
• Does your system support human-to-human as well as system-to-system processes?
…BIMIXS is based on the Winograd-Flores people-interaction model from Action Technologies Inc., which is unique worldwide. System-to-System process interfaces are available in many different flavors: Loosely coupled thru data exchange of xml-files or e-mails. Strongly coupled thru the usage of services, web-services or API’s available in several programming languages.