• Does your interaction model allows modifications or customization and when how?
…Yes, this can be done thru the Excel Sheet or with the delivered development environment, which is shipped with the Enterprise Edition only. There is a protocol tab, where designers just can give another name to states and/or speech-acts.
• Is your system capable to store interactions between people automatically under a certain theme? Please describe how it works in detail.
…Yes this is integral part of the BIMIXS Talks. When a theme is added new or changed the talk is automatically visible und that theme in the corresponding view.
• Can conversations be deleted or go lost?
…No, conversations can be closed or canceled, there is no way for a user to delete a started conversation.
• How your system does helps me to manage the prioritization of my conversations. Is there any time-management included and does the system warns me pro-actively, when Iím getting late?
…Yes time-management is integral part of BIMIXS. The system shows you when youíre getting late and if desired notifies the user by e-mail. This is possible because in BIMIXS Talks the user can specify not only till when he expects an answer but also till when he/her expects to have finished the business Talk.