• Can more than one user search for and retrieve the same document at the same time?
…Yes because every users gets its own copy of the document.
• Describe your integrated viewing capabilities for each document and is it integrated into a single work view for users?
…Image types of documents are showed in a generic viewer whereby Microsoft Office types of documents are showed directly in the corresponding Microsoft Office Application like Word or Excel.
• Does your solution provide users the ability to collaborate on the fly with any other user or group of users?
…Yes, but only when the role of the user and the corresponding rules of the organizational entity allow doing so. By default users do not see users of other groups or organizational entities.
• Does the system support check-in and check-out capabilities?
…No, there is no check-in or check-out needed. When users view a document it is by default a read-only view. When they are allowed to update they get their own copy which later can be up-loaded again. If many users look at the same Case at the same time, the Case is locked and available only in read-only mode. But even in this model, users can still add instructions or comments to the case.
• Can different document types be created with different metadata models?
…Yes, metadata concepts are integral part of the BIMIXS-system.
• Can your system store structured (XML / data) and unstructured (Microsoft Office, TIF, audio, video) files? Is there a difference in the functionality supported for structured or unstructured content?
…Yes and there is a difference in the functionality supported for structured or unstructured content. Structured data like .xml files are mainly used to exchange data from/to BIMIXS with 3rd party systems. BIMIXS document types can be initiated and updated from such xml-sources and have a fully customizable dynamic model in behind. Other document types like Microsoft Office and TIF-files have a pre-defined dynamic model which is not customizable. Audio and Video files are not allowed for upload in BIMIXS for the time being.
• Does your solution offer zonal OCR as a work step within the process, providing the ability to OCR data from any source?
…Yes but only in the Enterprise Edition. Part of the solution we implemented for our customer Swisscard AECS is doing exactly this and has been awarded as the best business process management solution in Europe in 2009 (see also Global Excellence Award 2009).