• Does your solution provide end users with the ability to complete their tasks from a single application?
…Yes, there is only BIMIXS, nothing else.
• Does your solution provide out-of-the-box applications, tailored to meet the unique views, tasks and tools required for specific user types?
…Yes, BIMIXS Cases and Talks can be fully tailored to any customer specific requirement in the BIMIXS Enterprise Edition. All other Editions in the cloud are standardized and can be tailored by the account owner to a certain degree only.
• Can these applications be customized for specific user types, such as the developer of the system, the individuals using the application day-to-day, and the overseer of the system and the operation?
…Yes, the BIMIXS Enterprise Edition is fully customizable; the other editions are standardized and can be customized to a certain degree only. All of the editions are based on roles, which provides different views and behaviour to the different users' needs.
• Does your solution offer out-of-the-box, user view applications for the three primary end user personas: Data Entry, Processor, and Supervisor?
• Do you offer process frameworks that are based on industry best practices and that address key business process areas within a specific industry?
…Yes, but only for the BIMIXS Enterprise Edition. The other Editions will be updated step-by-step with best practices and rule templates in the near future.
• If so, do these frameworks include out-of-the-box process maps and specific role-based user views for document and task management activities?
…Yes, but there are no maps required, instead of maps we deliver so called Case-Books, which are Microsoft Excel books containing the processing definitions required.
• Does your solution allow participants to set their work status so that supervisors know whether they are available for additional work?
…Of course, this is integral part of the functionality.
• Describe how your system assists managers and supervisors in both goal and workforce management.
…BIMIXS Cases and Talks inform the respective owner pro-actively about the state-of work including being in time or getting late. Furthermore cases will be re-assigned, when they appear to be late. In addition the selected answering possibility in BIMIXS Talks is always that one, which provides the best and most efficient way of performing business talks. Both, Cases and Talks have defined goals of till when the case work or business talk should be done. This will be tracked by the system and made visible to the user by different views and/or the dashboard, depending on the userís role assignment.