• Has your company received awards and/or accolades from industry analysts, etc? If so, please describe or please include links to these reports.
…Action Solutions’ customer specific solutions has been awarded four times in the last decade as the best Business Process Management Solution of Europe by the Workflow Management Coalition Group(WfMC) and the Object Management Group (OMG).

› 2003 Credit Suisse

› 2005 SwissRe

› 2008 Migrosbank

› 2009 Swisscard AECS
• Describe your partnership with Action Technologies. Are you an ISV partner?
…Yes, Action Solutions is an ISV partner of Action Technologies Inc. Selling BIMIXS makes us an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partner of Action Technologies Inc
• Do you offer a worldwide support presence? Please list your locations.
…Yes, Action Solutions provides support for the EMEA region, whereby Action Technologies supports the North and South America region. Headquarters are in Switzerland and the United States of America.
• What differentiates your solution from the competitors?
…The pattern and speech-act based way of interaction between users is unique, world-wide. The possibility to setup processing rules and to define the speech-act protocol in the end-users programming tool number one, Microsoft Excel, seems to be unique as well, at least we have not found any competitor providing this way of definition.
• Do you offer a project assessment to review processes and determine the best solution fit for your customers?
…Yes we do, but only for the Enterprise Edition.
• What is your customer retention rate and what percentage of your customers continue to pay maintenance each year?
…Our retention rate is more than 80% and all of our customers pay maintenance each year.