• Provide company name, primary address, city, state & zip, phone number.
…Action Solutions AG, Bahnhofstrasse 12, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland,+41(0)41 720 3700.
• Provide primary sales contact's e-mail address.
…Daniela Marchese, dmarchese@in-action.ch.
• Do you offer in-house professional services, product support and training for your solution?
…Yes, pre-requisit for the support is the Enterprise Edition. With this setting you will receive worldwide 7x24 hour support services. There are three support packages available, Gold, Silver and Bronze, where the difference is mainly in the response times for error handling and included services such as training and consulting.
• How long has your company provided both process and document management solutions? Please describe each separately if needed.
…Actions Solutions has been founded in 2001 and focused only on the development of business process management solutions for big companies. From the very beginning on, we implemented business processes using a case oriented approach, where document management was - and still is - integral part of the functionality. The underlying workflow-engine from Action Technologies Inc. was the world’s first business process management solution for the Internet at 1995.
• Please describe the ownership structure of your company (public, private). If public, please list the ownership and change in ownernship over the past year for your management, your top 10 individual shareholders, and your top 10 institutional shareholders. If private, please describe your financial backing and involvement of these investors in day-to-day management or Board activities.
…The Company is owned by private people. All of these people are shareholders as well as members of the board.
• Please provide the name of your outside auditors.
…Price Waterhouse Coopers.
• Does your company currently named in any lawsuit or court actions related to your company, technology, or solutions? If so, please describe the nature of these actions
• What is your current market leadership rank as rated by industry analysts?
…Action Solutions developed only individual BPM-Solutions for big customers, thus there was no reason for any ranking. Anyway, Action Technologies Inc., the technology partner of Action Solutions, has been cited multiple times as ‘Visionary’ in Gartner Magic Quadrant on Business Process Management.