Most of the companies have spent a lot of money in the process optimization process, better known as business process management (BPM), in the past. By nature, they were focusing first on highly predictable and repeatable business situations to improve these processes continuously. These BPM initiatives have rarely influenced more than 20% of all of the processes in the company, because there was just no business case to implement the other 80%. What does this mean? Is anything wrong with the BPM approach? We think no, but the way to adopt business processes to the organization using workflow technology is normally good for 20% of the company’s business activities and is definitely not the way to go for the other 80%. This is mainly because of the unpredictable character of these remaining processes and this is why most of the companies use e-Mail as the tool at hand for getting this kind of works done. E-Mail, most often, is for free and business people can use it immediately and can interact with each other without the need of explaining any business engineers what and why they do it. It is obvious that e-Mail lacks any structure and control and thus is not manageable at all.

BIMIXS focuses exactly on these two problem domains and its major building blocks thus are: BIMIXS Cases and Talks.

BIMIXS Cases introducing adaptive case management (ACM) instead of traditional BPM approaches. ACM extends BPM in a great way for unpredictable business situations, but by itself, it does not give an answer for today’s biggest productivity killer: rising number of e-mails and quality of e-mail content. When you are able to guide people in electronic conversations, introducing kind of a language of business, you increase the quality of electronic business talks, which is pre-requisite to continuously improve both processes and the way people interact. This is exactly, what BIMIXS Talks do; they provide conversation patterns for guided electronic conversations instead of freewheeling e-Mails.

Using BIMIXS Cases business people gain the flexibility needed to manage their daily business activities and at the same time support to ensure compliance with organizational and legal policies. Whereby BIMIXS Talks guide people in business conversations, because it is here, where commitments are made and complexity has increased dramatically in the last ten years. E-mail was the killer-app of the 90’s and has evolved to be the productivity killer app of today. But the idea of BIMIXS Talks is not to replace e-Mail, rather they use e-Mail as a notification tool and provide a separate platform for structured business talks.

Both, BIMIXS Cases and Talks are available as a service in the cloud and there is no other service available right-now, giving you this kind of managed flexibility at this price. The pricing and services scale from personal individuals requirements till to the enterprise’s level of requirements, it is intuitive concerning the usage, it is save, it is gold-awarded by international juries many times, it is stable and the availability is extremely high.