Pay on a used Case base. You profit from the free base edition, where talks are unlimited and five cases for free are included. When you need more cases, you can buy them as required. Read the use case scenarios described in the following and find out, where cases can help you as a manager, project manager or knowledge worker in example. Price per Case: 27.00 21.86 30.22 CHF Payment made easy: 1. Register and test the free basic Edition 2. Select MyAccount»Account Upgrade 3. Define number of Cases needed 4. Pay with credit card
Some use cases:
Manager Project Manager Knowledge Worker
All kinds of activities which need for its completion more than one person, time management
and time tracking should be automated and having always the same information is very
important for the participants
Audits as well as monitoring of revisions with internal / external business units or partners
Planning, controlling and coordinating activities of physically distributed people
Delegation of tasks, including real time overview about the state of work
Coordination of request and order processing in a team
Implementation of one or many frequently occurring operations whose execution is not quite
clear in advance and therefore the detailed implementation process for all persons involved
must be decided ad-hoc, depending on context and state-of-work
Preparation and processing of contracts and other documents where several people
collaborate at the same time on the same case.