You will get back all of the data and documents having been created while case processing or talking in a zip-file 30 days after having closed or revoked a case or talk, all of the data, including attached documents, audit-trail, instructions and comments from the whiteboard as well as the conversation protocol will be send back to the owner of the account in one zip-file. This file can now be stored locally at the owner side for personal archiving. In the enterprise edition you have the possibility to send this zip-file directly to the enterprises' archival system.
Re-activate closed Cases
Closed cases can be re-activated within 30 days. In the enterprise edition you can define by yourselve, how long cases should be re-activateable. This allows you to continue working on a case without entering all of the data required again and the system comments in the cases' audit-trail, that the case has been re-activated. This funcionality is extremely valuable, when the business situation changes and you should be able to continue working on the case without starting from scratch again.
Linked Talks
Conversations cannot be re-activated, when they are closed or cancelled. But you can create new Talks out of an existing Talk, thus re-starting conversation in the context on an existing one. Such nested conversations you can create with the same person or somebody else. Nested conversations have their own live-cycle, thus when a parent Talk will be closed, it does not affect any on-going child Talks. For each of the Talks you, as the owner of the account, will get a zip-file, as it is for the cases, when they have reached a final state after 30 days.