You define who is working with you in your network. You will invite people to join your network. They can accept or decline. As soon they accept your invitation, you can start working together. It is possible at any time to cancel such participations or to replace people. You are the master of your collaboration network, nobody else! You can build such a business network for every e-mail account you have. This allows you to separate in a very natural manner your collaboration networks, according to your existing e-mail accounts and requirements.
Switch between Networks
Of course you can switch seamlessly between your networks. Members of networks do not see each other, nor having access to cases or talks outside of their network, as well as don't see, who is member of other networks using the adressbook, in example. Thus you can easely setup your dedicated, collaboration networks. As long as you have not invited a person or that person has not accepted your invitation, you will not be able to collaborate and of course, spam does not exist.
Invite Co-Workers
You can invite people to join your network easely. Add your personal message, which will be sent as part of the invitation mail, assign a role and send it. As long as the invited person has not accepted your invitation, you will not be able to collaborate. You can re-send or cancel invitations when required. You can join many networks with the same e-mail adress without violating privacy, this means, that you will not see talks, cases or content across networks.