Connect people across companies, customers and partners. Create dedicated online networks with advanced business interaction management features to collaborate with your customers, partners and your co-workers. Consolidate the business relevant events into cases and process them in your business network with your co-workers. Secure your electronic mail conversations using talks, dedicated to your personal business network, nobody else will have access. There is no spam nor any other message from 'unknown' anymore. Mutliple networks keep cases, conversations. and content separate. Mastering business inter- actions finally allows you to work safely anywhere, anytime.
User Groups / Teams
Within your network you can create dedicated teams for a project, departement or cross-functional group of people. Create a group and assign people. An inbox for this group, called teambox, is created automatically. Thus everybody of this group has access to the teambox and can can check-out cases for further processing. Groups can be created in seconds. Updating a group is as easy as creating one. People can be assigned to many groups, thus allowing people from many different groups work on a case at the same time.
User Roles
All users have assigned roles. Roles define what users can do and are allowed to see. There is a pre-defined set of roles and when inviting people you can assign them the corresponding role. This way you can easely drive, who can do what, where and with whom. You can assign deputies, when you don't want to administrate the network yourself. You can define, who is allowed to create cases and much more. In the enterprise edition, roles will be inherited up, down and cross the organizational hierarchy, making it easy to maintain profiles.