Work is rarely done by only one person. Managing such collaborative work and keeping overview is time intensive.
Case management is a new way helping you to manage work done by many people, working on the same thing at the same time.
Whereby action conversations help you to manage commitments made in business between you and your co-worker, partners
suppliers or customers.
Organizing your work this way, the basic workitems to manage are cases and talks, not single files, documents, images, tasks, offerings, contracts, protocols or e-mails. Work smarter, not harder and get more time for the real important things. It's time for Action!
Cases behave like electronic folders, containing all different kind of informations and data files, it is like your personal, active file system, supporting your prefered work-styles. But file systems are quiete static whereby cases are not. You can enriche cases with processing-rules, policies and ownership. Cases become alive and will be part of your workstyle. You can delegate, forward, revoke, validate, escalate, suspend, resume, cancel or close a case. You and everybody, having the appropriate rights, can access and work with the case safely, anytime, anywhere. Orchestrate your co-workers, rule-based or ad-hoc, depending on the state-of-work. This is state-of-the-art case management in the cloud.
Talks are guided action conversations proposing you at every state of the talk with corresponding possibilities to answer, in many different languages. Using talks you can specify your own topics, to help yourself and others to find the talk quickly. Even better, when writing a talk, your personal and active topics will be presented to you automatically, so you just can select - or create a new topic. Talks are sorted automatically, you don't have to move them manually from the inbox to any other folder like it is daily reality in e-mail systems, when you're trying to keep overview. Watch your commitments and commitments made by others using talks. Talks guide you thru electronic business conversations and propose you in all of the possible states of such a conversation with the best answering possibilities. Better and optimized business talks are the result. This is conversation management in the cloud and it is unique.