Share and collaborate on documents, images and videos. Files can be pre-viewed right inside and commented on without the need to download. All of the files are stored as attachements of cases or talks or both. It's an easy way to collaborate on files in the context of a case, talk or project and get feedback. Don't worry about finding files anymore, they're allways attached at the right place in the right context. Attached documents are save, because they are stored on a dedicated environment, which is not directly accessible from the internet. While up- or download proceedings the documents are save too, because of the secure, encoded html (https) protocol used. In addition, all files will be parsed while uploading for malicious code snippets, thus providing a maximum level of security for your file's content.
You can upload all of the Microsoft Office types of documents like Word or Excel. In addition you can upload zip-files, image files like jpg-, gif- or png-files. Video files supported are mp4- or swf-files. The size limitation for files to be uploaded is 10 megabytes, per file. For bigger files, i.e. videos, you could store them on another 3rd party platform allowing bigger sizes and use links instead.
You can add links to 3rd party systems easely, both in cases or talks. Just paste the url in the text editor or type in the url directly. Alternatively you can drag and drop images or links into the white- board or message editor directly. Of course, we cannot guarantee for the targets availability nor quality, when the targeted page is not available, the link will be broken.
Most important, you don't search for files anymore, rather you search for cases' or talks' content. All of the informations and files included will be visible immediately when opening the case or talk. This allows you to focus on content and not on defining file-names or trying to classifying them. Quickly search through all of the content of cases or talks and categorized results appear in seconds.