Business is constituted as a network of recurrent conversations. A conversation can be viewed as a kind of dance, in which particular linguistic steps (speech-acts) move toward a completion. Such speech-acts control and influence coordination, whereby coordination is the act of working together, based on commitments. Thus, Human interaction is the critical success factor for collaboration. Action conversations are now available in the cloud as BIMIXS Talks, which do not only support you in your collaboration, but rather guide you in your business talks. It's time for action!
Action conversations are not stateless, rather they have always an associated state, i.e. an initial state, intermediate- and end-states. The state-transition is triggered by acts, so called speech-acts. This means, that every state has a set of next possible speech-acts, thus making conversations structured and formal.
Language independent
The states and speech-acts build the base for the patented Business Interaction Model of Action Technologies Inc. and are by nature, language independent. This allows us to translate them into any known human spoken language, thus being able to provide guided conversations in any language.
Conversations evolve over time in the direction of achieving a goal, the conditions of satisfaction. They are not objective realities and there is always the potential for a difference among the parties ending up in negotiations. All this influences case processing, thus it is very important to formalize conversations and make them traceable.
More about Action conversations: 'Understanding Computers and Cognition' Written by Terry Winogrand and Fernando Flores.