Cases are perfectly suited to collaborate with many different people, whereby Talks are mainly designed for conversations between two persons. The content of Talks is visible only to the persons involved, including observers (cc's). In Cases, everybody can post instructions or comments, which are visible immediately to all of the people working on the case, so that everybody is up-to-date always. A case can be simultaneously edited by multiple co-workers from across the company. Case data will be consolidated automaticaly or rule-based, depending of the case's setup. Organize your workitems belonging together using cases and you can work from anywhere, anytime having with you all the information and data needed for successful processing. Orchestrate your co-workers, rule-based or ad-hoc, depending on the state-of-work. This is case management at it's best.
Groups / Teambox
Create a group and assign a teambox to them, being able to collaborate within a departement, team or with external people. Groups can be created in seconds. Updating a group is as easy as creating one. People can be assigned to many groups, thus allowing people from many different groups work on a case at the same time.
The whiteboard allows knowledge workers to share important information or ask for help while processing a case. When a case is opened, the user sees immediately all of the messages, instructions, questions or comments posted by others working on that case. This way, everbody is up-to-date or can help others to do their job.
Attach documents, images and videos to a case. This is an easy way to collaborate on files in the context of a case and get feedback. Do not waste time anymore to search for documents needed. Just attach them to the case and all of the information and documents needed for case processing are just there.