Definitions required by casetypes can be done in the web-browser. There is no need for any other tool. In the Enterprise Edition you have in addition the possibility to define casetypes using Microsoft® Excel®. This gives you the possibility to define casetypes offline or you can delegate definition work to many people, one is responsible for the layout, another for defining rules and you take care for the definition of the properties.
Microsoft® Excel®
Excel® is the end-user programming tool number one, worldwide. This is why we provide the possibility to define complex casetypes, including rule, role,right and gui definitions, in Microsoft® Excel®.

Microsoft® and Excel® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation and are not contained nor part of BIMIXS®.
This is a Microsoft® Excel®-Book with pre-defined content. You can enter your definitions in the datasheets, without worrying about notations or trying to understand any models. Rather use your own terminology, this is anyway what you have available normally as specifications first, but this time you do not have to explain it to IT-people.
Use the BIMIXCEL® tool to parse the Casebooks and generate the casetype definitions accordingly. These definitions can be imported directly. Of course versioning and change-management features are include to guarantee the quality of the definitions. This tool and service is available only in the Enterprise Editon.