Define the document types included in a casetype. Content of the case processing are documents and forms, which will be filled out or attached while processing the case. Data can be processed rule-driven or ad-hoc, driven by the involved knowledge-workers making decisions about next steps in cases as they evolve.
Create a case
Everybody having accociated the corresponding role can create a case anytime from anywhere. Based on the content and context (classification) of a case, the involved knowledge-workers drive the processing.

Context (classification) can be changed while processing thus adding new rules and data applicable to the case.
Automatic creation
Based on external events like incoming emails, fax' or any other electronic data, cases can be created automatically.

Rules and policies make sure that created cases are consistent, so the system can forward them accordingly to the right person or teambox for further processing activities. This is currently available only in the Enterprise Edition.
Export case data
All of the cases' properties, data and attachements can be exported to 3rd party systems in any requiered data format.

Of course, case data can be updated while case processing, based on external events and/or data deliveries. These services are available only in the Enterprise Edition.