• Security, Scalability and Availability In BIMIXS your data is stored physically exclusively in Switzerland. Transport of data is always encrypted. Thanks to robust disaster recovery capabilities as well as redundant backup-systems your data is save and protection is guaranteed. • End-to-End Processing Where are your processes ending today? Are e-mails, as part of the business processes, driving decisions and agreements or do they influence the processes' flow of work? BIMIXS talks and cases structure the communication between people and organize their collaboration. BIMIXS starts there, where other systems ends. • In the Cloud, on premises or just both You can install BIMIXS on your own infrastructure on the premises, you can use the public cloud or a combination of both of these possibilities.

Try the free basic BIMIXS version, without further commitments, and then if you need more functionality, choose your edition or contact us and we will advise you without any further obligation.