BIMIXS offers powerful collaboration and coordination of knowledge workers through a case approach as well as structured and safe electronic Conversations for business talks. Both - Cases and Talks - increase productivity and quality of your business services while reducing your costs. Ready the moment you sign up, because BIMIXS is cloud based and hosted on secure, reliable infrastructure. Keep overview and get work done with your co-workers, customers and partners on a managed work platform, that you make your own. Just enter your email to sign up and invite your co-workers to join your Business Interaction Management Network. More information Case Management The business process that adapts to
new business context without any lost
of data or processing history. Because
your business evolves over time, often
in unpredictable directions.
More information Do IT Yourself Create your own forms including
rules and make them part of your
own case processing. Test, change
and deploy your new casetypes in
minutes with Microsoft Excel only.
More information Talk Management Provides guided electronic conversations with
the objective to improve the quality of business
talks. Introducing conversation patterns helps
to structure talks. Merging coherent emails to
one talk results in less emails.
Tired of dealing with outdated workflows? You won’t have to wait weeks or months for BIMIXS to address issues or add functionality. Try out here, how your processes look like, when they're implemented as Casetypes. Don't adapt your business to existing software functions - rather take advantage of Case Management now.
  • Faster time-to-market, minutes not months
  • Reduced cycle times, from specs to run-time
  • Time-saving, no software installation required
  • Time-consuming vendor evaluation, obsolete
  • Immediate ready for use, worldwide
  • 24 hours availability, 7 days a week
  • Improved productivity, 30% and more
  • High transparency, who did what and when
  • Better understanding of how processes really works
  • Improved success ratio, you can test immediately
  • Increased end-user acceptance, unified look & feel
  • Better price-earning ratio, nobody comes close