Content-type: text/html Bimixs: The Cloud computing service for Case and Talk Management - collaboration in the cloud for free BIMIXS offers Case Management Applications and Action Conversations for business, that increase productivity while reducing costs, all hosted on secure, reliable infrastructure. It is easy to use, safe, flexible and ready-to-run across industries. Work better together - anywhere, anytime. Keep overview and get work done. Work with any group of people you want to, inside your own Business Interaction Management Network. Turn workflows, project tasks into Cases and e-mails into Talks and better manage the very dynamic nature of your business activities and commitment Turn your e-mails into conversations making person-to-person interactions more efficient, structured and safe. When you expect to get answers use Talks, otherwise you better write e-mails. Less e-mails, at least 60%, will be the result. Better use Talks to watch commitments. Talks are guided, topic based e-conversations between two persons, proposing you at every state of the talk with corresponding possibilities to answer, in many different languages. Read more about what you can do with BIMIXS.. BIMIXS Cases support how work gets done, when many people work on the same thing at the same time. Organize your work using cases and manage your co-workers, rule based or ad-hoc, depending on the state-of-work. Working in parallel, distributed geographicallly, Case Management adopts to your requirements, guidelines and policies. In projects, complaints, investigations or any other daily business activities, adaptive Case Management gives you the flexibility needed to combine processing rules and ad- hoc activities in the context of a Case.Read more about the Case Management collaboration process... Bimixs
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Manage People Interactions in your personal Business Network.

Case Management adds people collaboration to your business processing.

Talk Management turns emails into structured business conversations.